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about us

Get Shaved Catering Mobile Truck

about us

Get Shaved was created by husband and wife, Pat and Kristin Roskowick, in 2008 and was inspired by a love of all things sweet and frozen.

Kristin is a self-proclaimed ice cream fanatic who as a child born and raised in Massachusetts would beg her mother to trudge through 3 feet of snow in the winter for ice cream.

Pat’s love for shave ice began from an early age growing up in the San Fernando Valley.  In the summertime there was never a shortage of raspados carts around the neighborhood or shave ice at Venice and Paradise Cove Beaches.

It wasn’t until they tried Hawaiian style shave ice that their taste buds short circuited from an explosion of mouth watering ecstasy.  That was it…the combination of finely shaved ice along with creamy ice cream and sweetened condensed milk was over the top!  It then became their mission to provide the finest tasting Hawaiian style shave ice to the people all over Los Angeles.

They started with a mobile truck that traveled the streets of LA and catered to various events.  In May 2010, their first brick-and-mortar location opened in Northridge, CA, and was immediately embraced by the community. That location was followed by two new stores one located in Torrance and another location in Northridge.